About Us

We clean carpets, tile, upholstery, hardwood floors, concrete, natural stone, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, and more! Residential? Have your home cleaned whether it be for hosting purposes or simply for the peace of mind of moving about a clean home. Commercial? Have your facility cleaned to show your boss you’re on it! Plus make a grand statement to your clients. A clean facility speaks volumes about your brand. If there’s one thing we can offer, it’s our 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied we’ll touch it up free of charge.

We started our team with just two brothers, or as our grandma used to call us when we were kids, June July Boys! Year round we would wear bright multicolored shorts as if it was always June and July. Grandma Lilly raised us with core values such as attention to detail, caring for others, attentiveness for the needs of others, and the importance of a clean safe haven home. It is from these core values that we have developed our business and oriented it around helping all. We have been in business since March of 2019 and since then we have created a loyal and satisfied clientele base.

What’s in it for you? Well for starters there’s no bait and switch nonsense. The price we quote is the price you get. “Our price includes all cleaning solutions at no extra charge.” Simply use our “quick click” estimate calculator found here. Just enter your zip code, type of service requested, and the area(s) you need cleaned to get a quote. Unlike those other guys, we are your one stop-shop for a wide variety of cleaning needs, making things all the more simpler. If we aren’t able to provide the service you need chances are that we know of a quality, local business that can help.

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